Plains is the plural of plain, a geographical feature that is flat or gently rolling.

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Laramie Plains - Geography
... He apparently followed local usage and labeled the plains surrounded by mountains in southeast Wyoming “Laramie Plains.” His 1842 map used the term twice at the northern and southern ... In 1843 he camped on Laramie Plains, at the base of Elk Mountain ...
Laramie Plains
... The Laramie Plains is an arid highland (approximately elevation 8000 ft) in south central Wyoming in the United States ... The plains extend along the upper basin of the Laramie River on the east side of the Medicine Bow Range ... The plains are separated from the Great Plains to the east by the Laramie Mountains, spur of the Front Range that extends northward from Larimer County, Colorado west of Cheyenne ...
Plains Of San Agustin
... The Plains of San Agustin (sometimes listed as the Plains of San Augustin) are found in the southwestern U.S ... The plains extend roughly northeast-southwest, with a length of about 55 miles (88 km) and a width varying between 5–15 miles (8–24 km) ... close to much of the southern and western boundaries of the plains ...
Plains, North Lanarkshire - References and Further Reading
... Maps of Plains ^ Scottish Census Information ^ Wilson, Rhona "Old Airdrie Villages" ISBN 1-84033-004-X ^ Sunday Herald article, 4 July 2004 ^ Description of the Stanrigg Mining Disaster at www.pitwork ...
Sun Dance in Canada
... superiors, did routinely interfere with, discourage, and disallow Sun Dances on many Canadian plains reserves from 1882 until the 1940s ... Despite this, Sun Dance practitioners, such as the Plains Cree, Saulteaux, and Blackfoot, continued to hold Sun Dances throughout the persecution period, minus the prohibited features ... year since 1880 somewhere on the Canadian Plains ...

Famous quotes containing the word plains:

    We hold on to hopes for next year every year in western Dakota: hoping that droughts will end; hoping that our crops won’t be hailed out in the few rainstorms that come; hoping that it won’t be too windy on the day we harvest, blowing away five bushels an acre; hoping ... that if we get a fair crop, we’ll be able to get a fair price for it. Sometimes survival is the only blessing that the terrifying angel of the Plains bestows.
    Kathleen Norris (b. 1947)

    The westward march has stopped, upon the final plains of the Pacific; and now the plot thickens ... with the change, the pause, the settlement, our people draw into closer groups, stand face to face, to know each other and be known.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    When I say artist I don’t mean in the narrow sense of the word—but the man who is building things—creating molding the earth—whether it be the plains of the west—or the iron ore of Penn. It’s all a big game of construction—some with a brush—some with a shovel—some choose a pen.
    Jackson Pollock (1912–1956)