White Martians

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Son Of Saturn - Fictional Character Biography - H'ronmeerca'andra
... The three races of Ma'aleca'andra (the Martian name for the planet Mars in the DCU) are directly responsible for the H'ronmeerca's (Saturnians) ... The Saturnians are the genetically modified descendants from the underclass Martian worker clones created by their ancient Martian explorers as they ran Martian colonies on the moons of Saturn ... The Martians cloned the original Saturnians from themselves the Red Saturnians were created by the Green Martians while the White Saturnians were created by the White Martians ...
Plant Men Of Barsoom - Peoples and Culture - White Martians - Therns
... Descendants of the original White Martians who live in a complex of caves and passages in the cliffs above the Valley Dor ... of the River Iss, on whose currents most Martians eventually travel, on a pilgrimage seeking final paradise, once tired of life or reaching 1000 years of age ... a unique creation, different from other Martians ...

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    After all that men could do had failed, the Martians were destroyed and humanity was saved by the littlest things which God in his wisdom had put upon this Earth.
    Barré Lyndon (1896–1972)

    Verily, the Indian has but a feeble hold on his bow now; but the curiosity of the white man is insatiable, and from the first he has been eager to witness this forest accomplishment. That elastic piece of wood with its feathered dart, so sure to be unstrung by contact with civilization, will serve for the type, the coat-of-arms of the savage. Alas for the Hunter Race! the white man has driven off their game, and substituted a cent in its place.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)