What is wounded?

  • (noun): People who are wounded.
    Example: "They had to leave the wounded where they fell"
    Synonyms: maimed
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Some articles on wounded:

Henry Howey Robson
... trench under very heavy fire and rescued a wounded NCO ... Subsequently, during another attack, he tried to bring a second wounded man into cover, while exposed to heavy fire ... In this attack he was wounded almost at once, but persevered in his efforts until wounded a second time ...
Thomas Young (VC) - Details
1918 at Bucquoy, France, Private Young, a stretcher-bearer, worked unceasingly evacuating the wounded from seemingly impossible places ... heavy rifle, machine-gun and shell fire and brought back wounded to safety ... Those too badly wounded to be moved before dressing, he dressed under fire and then carried them back unaided ...
Battle Of Gravelotte - Outcome
... Casualties for the Prussians were 20,163 troops killed, wounded or missing in action during the 18 August battle ... The French losses were 7,855 killed and wounded along with 4,420 prisoners of war (half of these were wounded), for a total of 12,275. 19 officers, a surgeon and 431 men killed, wounded, or missing out of a total of 700 ...
Battle Of Pułtusk - Analysis
... Lannes claimed the Russians lost 2,000 killed, 3,000 wounded and 1,800 prisoners, a total of 6,800 Sir Robert Wilson, British liaison officer with the Russian army ... Lannes admitted 700 French killed and 1,500 wounded Russian authorities said the French losses were 7,000 killed and wounded and 70 prisoners ... the French were attacking and exposed to artillery fire a total for them of 7,000 killed, wounded and prisoners does not seem unreasonable, and a total of 5,000 ...
HMS Pickle (1800) - Napoleonic Wars - Favorite
... of her crew of 70 men, Favorite had lost one man killed and two wounded ... Pickle had suffered two men severely wounded and one man slightly wounded ...

More definitions of "wounded":

  • (adj): Suffering from physical injury especially that suffered in battle.
    Example: "Nursing his wounded arm"
    Synonyms: hurt

Famous quotes containing the word wounded:

    Nature herself her shape admires;
    The gods are wounded in her sight;
    And Love forsakes his heavenly fires
    And at her eyes his brand doth light:
    Heigh ho, would she were mine!
    Thomas Lodge (1558?–1625)

    With his brows knit, his mind made up, his will resolved and resistless, he advances, crashing his way through the host of weak, half-formed, dilettante opinions, honest and dishonest ways of thinking, with their standards raised, sentimentalities and conjectures, and tramples them all into dust. See how he prevails; you don’t even hear the groans of the wounded and dying.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    A needless Alexandrine ends the song,
    That, like a wounded snake, drags its slow length along.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)