What is Weimar?

  • (noun): A German city near Leipzig; scene of the adoption in 1919 of the constitution of the Weimar Republic that lasted until 1933.


Weimar ( ) is a city in Germany famous for its cultural heritage. It is located in the federal state of Thuringia (German: Thüringen), north of the Thüringer Wald, east of Erfurt, and southwest of Halle and Leipzig. Its current population is approximately 65,000. The oldest record of the city dates from the year 899. Weimar was the capital of the Duchy (after 1815 the Grand Duchy) of Saxe-Weimar (German Sachsen-Weimar).

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Weimar, California
... Weimar (formerly, New England Mills and Weimer) is an unincorporated community in Placer County, California, located in the Sacramento area ... Weimar is located 4.5 miles (7.2 km) south-southwest of Colfax ... By car, Weimar is about one hour from Reno, Nevada and about one hour northeast of Sacramento, California on east I-80 ...
Landgravine Louise Of Hesse-Darmstadt (1757–1830) - Life - Napoleonic Wars
... Despite her childhood and her early experiences in Weimar, she was a great influence in literary circles ... Soon after the battle, the victorious French troops advanced on Weimar ... fighting in the Prussian forces, and so Louise remained in Weimar as mother and protector of the nation ...
Salomon Franck - Biography
... Franck was born in Weimar ... he held government posts at Zwickau, Arnstadt, Jena and Weimar, where he died ... collection and the library records for the court of Duke of Saxe-Weimar, William Ernest ...
Louise Seidler - Life - Return To Weimar
... Only on her return to Weimar did she find time to complete her work "Saint Elizabeth handing out alms" ... made her custodian of the grand-ducal art collection in Weimar's Grossen Jägerhaus ... Except for a few journeys Louise remained in Weimar and was highly appreciated in society circles ...