What is weighted?

  • (adj): Adjusted to reflect value or proportion.
    Example: "Votes weighted according to the size of constituencies"; "a law weighted in favor of landlords"; "a weighted average"
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Some articles on weighted:

Weighted-average Loan Age
... The weighted-average loan age is the average number of months since the date of note origination of all the loans in a pool weighted by remaining principal balance ...
Lars Osberg
... of distinct works, number of distinct works(weighted by number of authors), number of journal pages, number of journal pages (weighted by number of authors), number of abstracts viewed in RePEc Services ...
Mean Square Weighted Deviation
... Mean square weighted deviation is used extensively in geochronology, the science of obtaining information about the time of formation of, for example, rocks, minerals ... When individual determinations of an age are not of equal significance it is better to use a weighted mean to obtain an 'average' age, as follows The biased weighted estimator of ... The unbiased weighted estimator of the sample variance can also be computed on the fly as follows The unweighted mean square of the weighted deviations (unweighted MSWD) can then be computed ...
Smallest Circle Problem - Weighted Variants of The Problem
... The weighted version of the minimum covering circle problem takes as input a set of points in a Euclidean space, each with weights the goal is to find a single point ... As with the unweighted problem, the weighted problem may be solved in linear time in any space of bounded dimension, using approaches closely related to bounded dimension linear programming ... The weighted version of the Elzinga-Hearn algorithm is available via the ORSEP article mentioned above ...
San Marcos High School (San Marcos, California) - Academics - Honors
... Geometry Algebra II Trigonometry Biology French III (weighted) Spanish III (weighted) Genetics (weighted) 9th Grade English 10th Grade English 9th Grade World History ...

More definitions of "weighted":

  • (adj): Made heavy or weighted down with weariness.
    Example: "Weighted eyelids"
    Synonyms: leaden