What is WASP?

  • (noun): Social or solitary hymenopterans typically having a slender body with the abdomen attached by a narrow stalk and having a formidable sting.
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Mesoleptus Hibernica
... Mesoleptus hibernica is a species of parasitic wasp that was discovered by Dr ... Instead of flies, two wasp species emerged ... Mesoleptus hibernica females lay their eggs in fly larvae and when the eggs hatch, the wasps eat the larvae ...
List Of Wasps Of Great Britain - Family Vespidae - Subfamily Vespinae (social Wasps) - Subgenus Pseudovespula
... Dolichovespula norwegica - Norwegian Wasp Dolichovespula saxonica - Saxon Wasp Dolichovespula sylvestris - Tree Wasp ...
List Of National Sidecarcross Champions - Germany - OMSK-Pokal
... Year Champions Equipment 1970 Herbert Simon / Klaus J├Ârgens WASP-Hedlund 1971 P ... Triumph 1972 Herbert Simon / Hans Peppinghaus WASP-Hedlund 1973 Franz Bichler / Gerhard Bichler WASP-Norton ...
Ancistrocerus Gazella
... The European tube wasp or European potter wasp (Ancistrocerus gazella) is a species of potter wasp ...
A Severed Wasp
... A Severed Wasp (1982, is a novel by Madeleine L'Engle ... figures prominently in the plot of A Severed Wasp, is also the setting for the 1968 L'Engle novel The Young Unicorns ... No novel published after A Severed Wasp took place during or after the events of this one ...

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Famous quotes containing the word wasp:

    Why should the generations overlap one another at all? Why cannot we be buried as eggs in neat little cells with ten or twenty thousand pounds each wrapped round us in Bank of England notes, and wake up, as the Sphinx wasp does, to find that its papa and mamma have not only left ample provision at its elbow but have been eaten by sparrows some weeks before we began to live consciously on our own accounts?
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)