What is unification?

  • (noun): The act of making or becoming a single unit.
    Example: "He looked forward to the unification of his family for the holidays"
    Synonyms: union, uniting, conjugation, jointure
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Some articles on unification:

Convention Against Discrimination In Education
... China relating to Macau only), and the Protocol has 34 (counting pre-unification Vietnam post-unification Vietnam has not expressed a position on whether it ...
Philosophers Of Mathematics - Contemporary Schools of Thought - Beyond The Traditional Schools - Unification
... Although the social theories and quasi-empiricism, and especially the embodied mind theory, have focused more attention on the epistemology implied by current mathematical practices, they fall far short of actually relating this to ordinary human perception and everyday understandings of knowledge. ...
Clinton Bennett - Contribution To A Christian Appreciation of Islam and Of Muhammad - Involvement in The Unification Movement
... attended conferences sponsored by the Unification movement ... has employed and continues to employ non-Unification faculty ... Attendance at Unification sponsored meetings has taken Bennett as far a field as San Francisco for the Second Assembly of the World’s Religions (August 15 to 21, 1990 ...
Semantic Unification
... Semantic unification, in philosophy, linguistics, and computer science, is the process of unifying lexically different concept representations that are judged to have ... Semantic unification has a long history in fields like philosophy and linguistics ... has been used in different research areas like grammar unification, and Prolog extensions ...
Communist Party (disambiguation) - Unification, Unified, Union, United, Unity
... Party of Nepal (Unity Centre) Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Centre – Masal) Communist Unification Party, in Spain Communist Union for the Reconstruction of the Party (Marxist–Leninist ...

More definitions of "unification":

  • (noun): An occurrence that involves the production of a union.
    Synonyms: fusion, merger
  • (noun): The state of being joined or united or linked.
    Synonyms: union