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List Of Turkic Groups - Geographical Distribution
... be challenged and removed Many of the Turkic peoples have their homelands in Central Asia, where the Turkic peoples settled from China ... In 546, the iron-workers defeated their overlords." Since then Turkic languages have spread, through migrations and conquests, to other locations including present-day Turkey ... While the term "Turk" may refer to a member of any Turkic people, the term Turkish usually refers specifically to the people and language of the modern country of Turkey ...
List Of Turkic Groups - Religion - Religious Conversions
... Turkic Muslim conquest in the Indian subcontinent and west Xinjiang attributed with a rapid and almost total disappearance of it and other religions in North India and Central Asia ... Yughurs" of Western China, as well as the Tuvans of Russia are the only remaining Buddhist Turkic peoples ... Even though many Turkic peoples became Muslims under the influence of Sufis, often of Shī‘ah persuasion, most Turkic people today are Sunni Muslims, although a ...
List Of Turkic Groups - Religion - Early Turkic Mythology and Shamanism
... Pre-Islamic Turkic mythology was dominated by shamanism ... The chief deity was Tengri, a sky god, worshipped by the upper classes of early Turkic society until Manichaeism was introduced as the official religion of the Uyghur Empire ... honour and is also considered the mother of most Turkic peoples ...

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  • (adj): Of or relating to the people who speak the Turkic language.