What is tree?


In botany, a tree is a perennial woody plant with a single main trunk taller than about 2 metres, with xylem tissue in the trunk and branches that continues to enlarge during the life of the plant by the process of secondary growth.

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Famous quotes containing the word tree:

    Some say that happiness is not good for mortals, & they ought to be answered that sorrow is not fit for immortals & is utterly useless to any one; a blight never does good to a tree, & if a blight kill not a tree but it still bear fruit, let none say that the fruit was in consequence of the blight.
    William Blake (1757–1827)

    Our courage breaks like an old tree in a black wind and dies,
    But we have hidden in our hearts the flame out of the eyes
    Of Cathleen, the daughter of Houlihan.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    I said I had the tree. It wasn’t true.
    The opposite was true. The tree had me.
    The minute it was left with me alone,
    It caught me up as if I were the fish
    And it the fishpole.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)