What is tending?

  • (noun): The work of caring for or attending to someone or something.
    Synonyms: care, attention, aid
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Bighorn Sheep - Natural History - Social Structure and Reproduction
... The most common and successful is the tending strategy in which a ram follows and defends an estrous ewe ... Tending takes a lot of strength and dominance and thus ewes are more receptive to tending males, feeling that they are the most fit ... They will prevent an ewe from accessing tending areas before she even goes into estrous ...
Chevra Kadisha
... The task of the chevra kadisha is considered a laudable one, as tending to the dead is a favour that the recipient cannot return, making it devoid of ulterior motives ... A specific task for the burial society is tending to the dead who have no immediate next-of-kin ... These are termed a meit mitzvah (a mitzvah corpse), as tending to a meit mitzvah overrides virtually any other positive commandment (mitzvat aseh) of Torah law, an indication ...
Intensive Gathering
... Intensive gathering entails the tending-to of wild plants ... Intensive gathering or "tending" methods include weeding, discouraging predators, pot-irrigation, and limited harvesting to ensure reproduction ... a process which additionally requires systematic soil preparation and planting to tending and harvesting ...
USS Currituck (AV-7) - World War II Service
... San Pedro Bay, Leyte, 6 November to begin tending seaplanes flying missions in the Leyte operations ... there, at Cabalitan Bay, and at Mindoro tending seaplanes and directing seaplane search operations ... East in support of the reoccupation of the Chinese mainland, tending seaplanes at Jinsen (Inchon), Korea, and Shanghai, Tsingtao, and Taku, China, returning to Okinawa 28 October ...
USS Thrush (AM-18) - East Coast Operations
... seaplane tender was attached to PatWing 5 tending a brood of planes at San Juan, Puerto Rico, when World War II began in Europe ... Florida, Thrush stood plane-guard duty while tending a covey of Martin PBM Mariners through January and February 1941 ... Switched to Tucker's Island, near Hamilton, Bermuda, Thrush continued her plane-tending duties through March, on occasion serving as a small cargo vessel to transport supplies ...

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    Man will never be enslaved by machinery if the man tending the machine be paid enough.
    Karel Capek (1890–1938)