What is Tel Aviv?

  • (noun): The largest city and financial center of Israel; located in western Israel on the Mediterranean.
    Synonyms: Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv (Hebrew: תֵּל־אָבִיב; Arabic: تل أبيب‎) is the second most populous city in Israel, with a population of 405,000 and a land area of 52 km2 (20 sq mi). The city is located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline in central-west Israel. It is the largest and most populous city in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, home to 3,401,700 residents. The city is governed by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, headed by Ron Huldai. Residents of Tel Aviv are referred to as Tel Avivim. As the United Nations and many countries do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv is home to most foreign embassies.

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