What is Tatar?

  • (noun): A member of the Turkic-speaking people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains (the name has been attributed to many other groups).
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Tatars (Tatar: Татарлар / Tatarlar, Old Turkic: ), sometimes spelled Tartars, are a Turkic ethnic group in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The Tatars are native people of Volga region of Russia, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Most Tatars live in the Russian Federation, with a population of 5.5 million, including 2 million in the republic of Tatarstan, 1 million in the republic of Bashkortostan and 2.5 million in other regions of Russia. After the dissolution of the USSR, significant populations of Tatars found themselves in the newly independent Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

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Cyrillic Digraphs - Tatar
... Tatar has a number of vowels which are written with ambiguous letters that are normally resolved by context, but which are resolved by discontinuous digraphs when context is not sufficient ...
Tatar Khan - History
... Tatar Khan was a very capable ruler, renowned for his bravery, liberality, heroism and honesty ... The envoys of Tatar Khan were loaded with valuable gifts and given leave of departure ... Muhammad Tatar Khan died in independence two years after Balban's accession ...
Shugurovo - References
... (Tatar) "Шөгер" ... Tatar Encyclopaedia ... Institution of the Tatar Encyclopaedia ...
Tatar, Zangilan
... Tatar is a village in the Zangilan Rayon of Azerbaijan. ...
Sadykierz, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County - History
... In the region near Ocieka there occurred a battle against the Tatars ... To commemorate this, an area close by became known as ‘Góra Tatarska’ (Tatar Hill) ... battle ended with a Polish victory, a complete Tatar surrender and the reconquest of Pokuttya or ‘Pokuttia’ ...

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  • (noun): A member of the Mongolian people of central Asia who invaded Russia in the 13th century.
    Synonyms: Tartar, Mongol Tatar
  • (noun): The Turkic language spoken by the Tatar people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains.