What is surgery?

  • (noun): A room where a doctor or dentist can be consulted.
    Example: "He read the warning in the doctor's surgery"
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Surgery (from the Greek: χειρουργική cheirourgikē, via Latin: chirurgiae, meaning "hand work") is an ancient medical specialty that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate and/or treat a pathological condition such as disease or injury, or to help improve bodily function or appearance.

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... ἐκτομή (ektome) “excision”, surgical removal of wrinkles), is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure used to give a more youthful facial appearance ... Facelifts are effectively combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and other facial procedures and are typically performed under general anesthesia or deep ... most recent 2011 statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, facelifts were the sixth most popular aesthetic surgery performed ...
Rhytidectomy - History - Cutaneous Period (1900-1970)
... The first textbook about facial cosmetic surgery (1907) was written by Charles Miller (Chicago) entitled “The Correction of Featural Imperfections” ... one of the most famous discoveries in the field of plastic surgery to date, namely the “skin graft inlay technique,” the technique was soon used on both English and German sides in the war ... That’s how he earned the name “Father of 20th Century Plastic Surgery” ...
Neurosurgeons - Education and Training - In The U.S.
... care, functional and stereotactic surgery, surgical neuro-oncology, radiosurgery, neurovascular surgery, Interventional neuroradiology, peripheral nerve, spine surgery and skull base surgery ...
Neurosurgeons - Neurosurgical Methods
... emission tomography (PET), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and the stereotactic surgery ... Microsurgery is utilized in many aspects of neurological surgery ... Microvascular anastomosis are required when EC-IC surgery is performed ...

More definitions of "surgery":

  • (noun): The branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures.
    Example: "He is professor of surgery at the Harvard Medical School"

Famous quotes containing the word surgery:

    Ever since surgery began, man’s destiny has been to suffer, in order that he might be cured. And no one can change that, gentlemen.
    —Jean Scott Rogers. Robert Day. Mr. Blount (Frank Pettingell)

    Ever since surgery began, man’s destiny has been to suffer, in order that he might be cured. And no one can change that, gentlemen.
    Jean Scott Rogers, and Robert Day. Mr. Blount (Frank Pettingell)

    It is difficult for me to imagine the same dedication to women’s rights on the part of the kind of man who lives in partnership with someone he likes and respects, and the kind of man who considers breast-augmentation surgery self-improvement.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)