What is stinker?

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Brady's Beasts - Monsters
... looking for Brady, following the advice of a Stinker buddy and resides at the Ravenville pool since water is the only thing that can not be destroyed by the Berserker ... Stinker is a monster with extremely low self esteem and high intelligence with a stink so powerful it melts whole cars in seconds ... arrived from an out of town shopping trip with the answer the Stinker's stink was internal and emotional ...
Pitts Special - Variants
... Two were built, the first named Special and the second Li'l Stinker ... homebuilt, symmetrical wing, four symmetrical "Super-Stinker" style ailerons, 300 degree/s roll rate, fixed pitch propeller ... S-1-11B Known as Model 11 "Super Stinker", 300+ hp (220 kW) Lycoming, four-aileron, single-seat, experimental-plans or factory-built and factory component parts, symmetric airfoil, three-blade ...
Cox Model Engine - Cox Ready To Fly Model Airplanes
... Cub 105 C52, 350 ... Babe Bee.049 Replaced by the Super Cub 1958 ... Lil Stinker D53, 100 ... Pee Wee.020 First 020 powered plane 1958 Super Sabre E54, 100 ... Pee Wee 0.020 1959 P40 Warhawk 5500 350-1 ...
Pitts Special - Design and Development
... that Curtis Pitts built had a picture of a skunk on them and were called "Stinkers" ... called the second aircraft that Curtis built, "Lil' Stinker" ... The prototype S-2, which was the first two-seat Pitts, was "Big Stinker", the prototype Model 11 (later called S1-11B) was "Super Stinker", and the prototype Model 12 was the "Ma ...

More definitions of "stinker":

  • (noun): An artifact (especially an automobile) that is defective or unsatisfactory.
    Synonyms: lemon
  • (noun): Anything that gives off an offensive odor (especially a cheap cigar).