What is staged?

  • (adj): Deliberately arranged for effect.
    Example: "One of those artfully staged photographs"
    Synonyms: arranged
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Site-specific Theatre - Examples
... Examples of site-specific theatre include Psycho-So-Matic and Downsize, staged by Chicago's Walkabout Theater in a landromat and a series of public restrooms ... of Dussehra at Ramnagar, Varanasi in India, and is staged in permanent structures created as sets throughout the three square mile area, where the audience ... to the site or if they are "site-generic," meaning they could be staged in any physically similar venue ...
Staged Reforming
... Staged reforming is a thermochemical process to convert organic material or bio waste such as wood, dung or hay into combustible gases containing methane, carbon ... and tar yields in the produced gas restricting its use, hence the use of staged reforming ... In staged reforming technology, gas conversion is a separate stage after pyrolysis ...
Thomas Duffet - Plays
... first printed in the same years they were staged, except where noted.) Like other practitioners of farce and burlesque, Duffet often responded quickly to. 1667 adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest, was first staged in Thomas Shadwell's "opera" version in 1674 Duffet's parody of it was on the stage before ... primarily for the King's Company the plays he parodied were works staged by the rival Duke's Company ...
Staged Combustion
... Staged combustion is a method for reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from combustion ... There are two methods - air staged supply and fuel staged supply ...
Ludowy Theatre - Repertoire
... by Aeschylus, Carlo Gozzi and Carlo Goldoni were staged ... She staged Polish Romantic drama, such as Juliusz Słowacki's Balladyna (1956) and Sen srebrny Salomei (Silver Dream of Salome, 1959) ... There was Franz Werfel's Jacobowsky and the Colonel staged in 1957 as well as Jerzy Broszkiewicz's Imiona władzy (Given Names of Power) directed by Skuszanka (1957 ...

More definitions of "staged":

  • (adj): Written for or performed on the stage.
    Example: "A staged version of the novel"