What is spreading?

  • (adj): Spreading over a wide area.
    Example: "Under the spreading chestnut tree"; "the spreading circle of lamplight"; "wide-spreading branches"
    Synonyms: wide-spreading
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Some articles on spreading:

Spreading Resistance Profiling
... Spreading Resistance Profiling (SRP), also known as Spreading Resistance Analysis (SRA), is a technique used to analyze resistivity vs ...
Spreading Resistance Profiling - History
... In 1970, Solid State Measurements was founded to manufacture spreading resistance profiling tools and in 1974, Solecon Labs was founded to provide spreading resistance profiling services ... In 1980, Dickey developed a practical method of determining p- or n-type using the spreading resistance tool ...
Spreading The News
... Spreading the News is a short one-act comic play by Lady Gregory, which she wrote for the opening night of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, 27 Dec ... Audiences may have dozed through Yeats's play, but Spreading the News was very successful and it is still acted at the Abbey Theatre as late as 1961 ... early performance of the play that "the audience would laugh so much at 'Spreading the News' that they lost about half the dialogue ...
Spreading Death
... Spreading Death was released on both DVD single and CD single ... Spreading Death Video by Norther Released September 1, 2004 Recorded August – September 2003 at Astia Studio A Genre Melodic death metal Length 4446 Label Spinefarm Producer Anssi Kippo Black Lion Norther single ...
Disease Diffusion Mapping - Disease Diffusion Types
... Expansion diffusion occurs when the spreading phenomenon has a source and diffuses outwards into new areas, an example being a spreading wildfire ... Relocation diffusion occurs when the spreading phenomenon migrates into new areas, leaving behind its origin or source of the disease ... prominent example in modern day society of a mixed diffusion disease, often spreading along the hierarchal, network, and contagious diffusion patterns ...

More definitions of "spreading":

  • (noun): Act of extending over a wider scope or expanse of space or time.
    Synonyms: spread
  • (noun): Process or result of distributing or extending over a wide expanse of space.
    Synonyms: spread

Famous quotes containing the word spreading:

    Under a spreading chestnut-tree
    The village smithy stands;
    The smith, a mighty man is he,
    With large and sinewy hands;
    And the muscles of his brawny arms
    Are strong as iron bands.
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1809–1882)

    As far as I can see, this autumn haze
    That spreading in the evening air both ways
    Makes the new moon look anything but new
    And pours the elm-tree meadow full of blue,
    Is all the smoke from one poor house alone....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Glory is like a circle in the water,
    Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself,
    Till by broad spreading it disperse to nought.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)