What is Slovene?

  • (noun): The Slavic language of the Slovene people.
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Slovene Union - History
... The SSk was founded in 1962 with the merger of several Slovene anti-communist political organizations that had functioned since 1945 in the Italian part of the Julian March (Venezia Giulia), that is in the ... These organizations included the Slovene Christian Social Union (Slovenska krščansko socialna zveza, SKSZ), led by Engelbert Besednjak and Avgust Sfiligoj the liberal Slovene Democratic ... Between 1947 and 1954, a unitary action was hindered by the fact that the Slovene minority was split into two separate political realities, one in the Republic of Italy ...
Ljubljanski Zvon - The Split Over Yugoslav Nation Building
... a majority of those who clang to the specific national and cultural identity of the Slovene people ... founding of the magazine by adding a new subtitle Slovenska revija (Slovene magazine) ... Župančič and the literary critic Josip Vidmar on the issue of Slovene identity ...

More definitions of "Slovene":

  • (noun): A native of Slovenia.