What is simple?

  • (adj): Not elaborate in style; unornamented.
    Example: "A simple country schoolhouse"; "her black dress--simple to austerity"
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SIMPLE, the session initiation protocol for instant messaging and presence leveraging extensions, is an instant messaging (IM) and presence protocol suite based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) managed by the IETF. Contrary to the vast majority of IM and presence protocols used by software deployed today, SIMPLE is an open standard like XMPP.

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Some articles on simple:

Solifugae - Anatomy - Eyes
... They look like simple eyes or ocelli, but they are in fact surprisingly sophisticated ... the last step in the integration of the aggregate of simple ocelli into a compound eye, and of further integration of a compound eye into a simple eye ...
Dirndl - History
... Simple forms were also worn commonly by working women in plain colours or a simple check ... Today, dirndls vary from simple styles to exquisitely crafted, very expensive models ...
Simple Past
... The simple past or past simple, sometimes called the preterite, is the basic form of the past tense in Modern English ... The term "simple" is used to distinguish the syntactical construction whose basic form uses the plain past tense alone, from other past tense constructions which use auxiliaries in combination with ... Regular verbs form the simple past in -ed however there are a few hundred irregular verbs with different forms ...
Simple Simon (nursery Rhyme) - In Popular Culture
... Laurel and Hardy "played", respectively, Simple Simon and the pieman in Walt Disney's animated short, Mother Goose Goes Hollywood ... Simple Simon also appeared in the 1933 Disney cartoon Old King Cole ... Simple Simon was played by Charley Rogers in Babes in Toyland (1934 film) ...

More definitions of "simple":

  • (adj): Apart from anything else; without additions or modifications.
    Example: "The simple passage of time was enough"; "the simple truth"
    Synonyms: bare, mere
  • (adj): Having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved.
    Example: "A simple problem"; "simple mechanisms"; "a simple design"; "a simple substance"
  • (noun): Any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties.
  • (adj): (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions.
    Synonyms: unsubdivided
  • (noun): A person lacking intelligence or common sense.
    Synonyms: simpleton

Famous quotes containing the word simple:

    Chaucer sawed life in half and out tumbled hundreds of unpremeditated lives, because he didn’t have the cast-iron grid of a priori coherence that makes reading Goethe, Shakespeare, or Dante an exercise in searching for signs of life among the conventions, compulsions, self-justifications, proofs, wise saws, simple but powerful messages, and poetry.
    Marvin Mudrick (1921–1986)

    Religion is the dream of the human mind. But even in dreams we do not find ourselves in emptiness or in heaven, but on earth, in the realm of reality; we only see real things in the entrancing splendor of imagination and caprice, instead of in the simple daylight of reality and necessity.
    Ludwig Feuerbach (1804–1872)

    Like many rich men, he thought in anecdotes; like many simple women, she thought in terms of biography.
    Anita Brookner (b. 1938)