What is shape?

  • (noun): The state of (good) health (especially in the phrases 'in condition' or 'in shape' or 'out of condition' or 'out of shape').
    Synonyms: condition
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The shape (Old English: gesceap, created thing) of an object located in some space is a geometrical description of the part of that space occupied by the object, as determined by its external boundary – abstracting from location and orientation in space, size, and other properties such as colour, content, and material composition.

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Some articles on shape:

Carton - Shape
... Tetrahedrons and other shapes are available ... Cartons with a hexagonal or octagonal cross sections are sometimes used for specialty items ...
Northern Muriqui - Identification
... such as fur color and patterning, ear shape, and face shape and pigmentation ... be determined within a week or so of birth, based on the shape and positioning of their genitalia ...
Water Retention Curve - Shape Parameters
... The shape of water retention curves can be characterized by several models, one of them known as the van Genuchten model where is the water retention curve is ... this parametrization a prediction model for the shape of the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity - saturation - pressure relationship was developed ...
Aerobie - History
... He tried streamlining the shape to reduce drag, but this resulted in a disc that was more unstable in flight ... Eventually, he turned his attention to the ring shape ... After testing several models, the ideal shape was found, and the Aerobie was produced ...
Shape - Similarity Classes
... All similar triangles have the same shape ... These shapes can be classified using complex numbers in a method advanced by J.A ... Lester and Artzy call the ratio S(u,v,w) = (u −w)/(u − v) the shape of triangle (u, v, w) ...

More definitions of "shape":

  • (noun): A concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept.
    Synonyms: embodiment
  • (verb): Make something, usually for a specific function.
    Example: "Shape a figure"
    Synonyms: form, work, mold, mould, forge
  • (noun): A perceptual structure.
    Synonyms: form, pattern
  • (noun): The spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance.
    Example: "Geometry is the mathematical science of shape"
    Synonyms: form
  • (verb): Give a shape or form to.
    Example: "Shape the dough"
    Synonyms: form
  • (noun): The visual appearance of something or someone.
    Synonyms: form, cast

Famous quotes containing the word shape:

    Most revolutionaries are potential Tories, because they imagine that everything can be put right by altering the shape of society; once that change is effected, as it sometimes is, they see no need for any other.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)

    We shape our buildings: thereafter they shape us.
    Winston Churchill (1874–1965)

    Irish poets, learn your trade,
    Sing whatever is well made,
    Scorn the sort now growing up
    All out of shape from toe to top,
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)