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Tafasta Meruba Lo Tafasta - Terminology and Meaning
... If you have seized a lot, you have not seized if you have seized a little, you have seized." The general meaning is that an over-ambitious claim defeats itself the ...
Shayetet 13 - History - Gaza Flotilla Operation
... and improvised weapons, and allegedly with firearms, including those seized from commandos ... opened fire with live ammunition and seized control of the ship ... Subsequently, S'13 commandos boarded and seized the aid ship MV Rachel Corrie with no resistance ...
Black Mafia Family - Operation Motor City Mafia - Drug and Cash Seizures
... Customs agents in an undercover capacity seized $250,000 in cash also intended for cocaine payment ... October 3, 1997 Police in Spalding County, Georgia seized $143,221 in cash from Bruce Martin, an alleged BMF member ... May 10, 1999 In Polk County, Texas, police seized approximately 18 kilograms of cocaine ...
History Of Pomerania (1945–present) - Border Shift and Consequences - German Part of Pomerania - Land Reform
... of 1945/46, all farms larger than 100 ha were seized by the administration ... Two thirds of the seized farms, making up for 54% of the overall seized farmland, were distributed among the refugees, who had become the majority in many rural communities ...
UNGERIN - Known Operations - Operation Barracuda
... UNGERIN operators had participated in an anti-smuggling operation, seized smuggled RM2mil worth of contraband liquor, beer and cigarettes smuggled in from Labuan ... personnel, led by ASP Fauzi Bin Ibrahim, seized 1,100 liquor bottles and 36,700 packets of various cigarette brands in a special operation codenamed Ops Barracuda ... They also seized nine boats, each equipped with 200HP engines, used for smuggling operations between the duty-free island and mainland Sabah ...

Famous quotes containing the word seized:

    As a viewed myself in a fragment of looking-glass..., I was so impressed with a sense of vague awe at my appearance ... that I was seized with a violent tremour.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849)

    Adjoining a refreshment stand ... is a small frame ice house ... with a whitewashed advertisement on its brown front stating, simply, “Ice. Glory to Jesus.” The proprietor of the establishment is a religious man who has seized the opportunity to broadcast his business and his faith at the same time.
    —For the State of New Jersey, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Man lives two lives, woe, were it otherwise! One is seized by death, the other one, his honor, remains.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)