What is rubin?


Rubin (Polish, German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Danish and Yiddish word for "ruby") can refer to the following people:

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Charles T. Rubin
... Rubin is a political science professor at Duquesne University ... Rubin also has given lectures on the history of the interplay between science and public policy ... Rubin is the author of The Green Crusade ...
Rubin - Other
... Rubin Design Bureau FC Rubin Kazan, a Russian football club, based in the city of Kazan (Tatarstan republic) Schmidt-Rubin M1911 Benedict-Webb-Rubin equation ...

Famous quotes containing the word rubin:

    Personal change, growth, development, identity formation—these tasks that once were thought to belong to childhood and adolescence alone now are recognized as part of adult life as well. Gone is the belief that adulthood is, or ought to be, a time of internal peace and comfort, that growing pains belong only to the young; gone the belief that these are marker events—a job, a mate, a child—through which we will pass into a life of relative ease.
    —Lillian Breslow Rubin (20th century)

    Whereas children can learn from their interactions with their parents how to get along in one sort of social hierarchy—that of the family—it is from their interactions with peers that they can best learn how to survive among equals in a wide range of social situations.
    —Zick Rubin (20th century)

    ... in the working class, the process of building a family, of making a living for it, of nurturing and maintaining the individuals in it “costs worlds of pain.”
    —Lillian Breslow Rubin (b. 1924)