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Councils Of Clovesho - The Council of 747
... one of the most important such gatherings recorded in the history of the Anglo-Saxon Church ... are noteworthy as showing the close union of the Anglo-Saxon Church with the Holy See ... to the sample which we have received in writing from the Roman Church ...
Christianization Of Bulgaria - Choice Between Rome and Constantinople
... language, and the newly established Bulgarian Church was subordinate to the Church of Constantinople ... prompted the Knyaz to ask Constantinople to allow the Bulgarian Church independent status ... Prior to the middle of the 9th century, in the practice of the formally united Church, there were no precedents for creating national churches among newly ...
Theological Definition (Catholicism) - Theological History
... Schatz points to "the special esteem given to the Roman church community (that) was always associated with fidelity in the faith and preservation of the paradosis (t ... and the Hormisdas formula in 519 which asserted that "the Roman church has never erred (and will never err)" ... whole of the faith as handed down and the tradition of Peter preserved intact by the Roman Church" ...
History Of The Orthodox Church - Tensions With The Papacy - Conversion of The Bulgarians
... Greek language, and the newly established Bulgarian Church was subordinate to the Church of Constantinople ... the King to request that the Bulgarian Church be granted independence by Constantinople ... After Constantinople refused to grant the Bulgarian Church independence, Boris turned to the Pope ...
Johannes Hymonides
... of the 9th century a monk of Monte Cassino near Rome, and later a deacon of the Roman Church ... associated with Anastasius, Librarian of the Roman Church (died 879) ... from the pope's letters in the archives of the Roman Church ...

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    It is time that the Protestant Church, the Church of the Son, should be one again with the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of the Father. It is time that man shall cease, first to live in the flesh, with joy, and then, unsatisfied, to renounce and to mortify the flesh.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    I remember when I was first assigned to jets. I said to the colonel, “Colonel, I joined this man’s air force to fly an airplane. But nobody’s gonna hitch me to no Roman candle.”
    Kurt Neumann (1906–1958)