What is regulation?

  • (noun): A principle or condition that customarily governs behavior.
    Example: "Short haircuts were the regulation"
    Synonyms: rule
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Regulation is the promulgation, monitoring and enforcement of rules. Regulation creates, limits, or constrains a right, creates or limits a duty, or allocates a responsibility. Regulation can take many forms: legal restrictions promulgated by a government authority, contractual obligations that bind many parties (for example, "insurance regulations" that arise out of contracts between insurers and their insureds), self-regulation by an industry such as through a trade association, social regulation (e.g. norms), co-regulation, third, party regulation, certification, accreditation or market regulation. In its legal sense regulation can and should be distinguished from primary legislation (by Parliament of elected legislative body) on the one hand and judge-made law on the other.

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Some articles on regulation:

Regulatory Economics - Regulation As A Process
... (externalities.) Most governments therefore have some form of control or regulation to manage these possible conflicts ... This regulation ensures that a safe and appropriate service is delivered, while not discouraging the effective functioning and development of businesses ... the sale and consumption of alcohol and prescription drugs are controlled by regulation in most countries, as are the food business, provision of personal or residential care ...
Interleukin 21
... extracellular space Biological process • positive regulation of natural killer cell cytokine production • immune response • signal ...
Interleukin 29
... receptor complex Biological process • negative regulation of type 2 immune response • negative regulation of cell proliferation • negative regulation of interleukin-13 production ...
Regulation - Deregulation, Regulatory Reform and Liberalization
... Institute, the cost to the economy of government regulation in the United States is approximately $1.75 trillion per year, which exceeds all corporate pretax profits ... simplifying, and making more cost effective regulations ... and Budget's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and the United Kingdom's Better Regulation Commission ...

More definitions of "regulation":

  • (noun): The state of being controlled or governed.
  • (noun): The act of controlling or directing according to rule.
    Synonyms: regulating
  • (adj): Prescribed by or according to regulation.
    Example: "Regulation army equipment"
  • (noun): An authoritative rule.
    Synonyms: ordinance
  • (noun): (embryology) the ability of an early embryo to continue normal development after its structure has been somehow damaged or altered.

Famous quotes containing the word regulation:

    Nothing changes my twenty-six years in the military. I continue to love it and everything it stands for and everything I was able to accomplish in it. To put up a wall against the military because of one regulation would be doing the same thing that the regulation does in terms of negating people.
    Margarethe Cammermeyer (b. 1942)

    Nothing can be more real, or concern us more, than our own sentiments of pleasure and uneasiness; and if these be favourable to virtue and unfavourable to vice, no more can be requisite to the regulation of our conduct and behavior.
    David Hume (1711–1776)

    Lots of white people think black people are stupid. They are stupid themselves for thinking so, but regulation will not make them smarter.
    Stephen Carter (b. 1954)