What is refractive?

  • (adj): Of or relating to or capable of refraction.
    Example: "The refractive characteristics of the eye"
    Synonyms: refractile
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... waveguide that guides strongly confined light in a subwavelength-scale low refractive index region by total internal reflection ... A slot-waveguide consists of two strips or slabs of high-refractive-index (nH) materials separated by a subwavelength-scale low-refractive-index (nS) slot ...
Dispersion Staining - Historical Development
... Sulfurous” liquids (organic liquids) had a higher refractive index than was expected based on their specific gravity and had a steeper dispersion curve than ... a particle was in a liquid of matching refractive index ... create monochromatic light from white light if the liquid and powder had the same refractive index for just that wavelength ...
... A focometer is an instrument that measures refractive errors and is intended to provide rural or economically disadvantaged populations spherical eyeglass prescriptions without the ... The individual's refractive power is then read off a linear dioptre scale ... a simple, inexpensive means for measuring refractive error in human vision ...
Photographic Lens Design - Design - Design Requirements - Design Constraints
... Refractive materials such as glass have physical limitations which limit the performance of lenses ... In particular the range of refractive indices available in commercial glasses span a very narrow range ... Since it is the refractive index that determines how much the rays of light are bent at each interface and since it is the differences in refractive indices in paired plus and minus lenses that constrains the ...
Aniseikonia - Causes
... these characteristics and are used commonly to correct refractive error ... The optics of the eye including its refractive power and axial length also play a major role in retinal image size ... Aniseikonia can occur naturally or be induced by the correction of a refractive error, usually anisometropia (having significantly different refractive errors between each eye ...

More definitions of "refractive":

  • (adj): Capable of changing the direction (of a light or sound wave).
    Synonyms: deflective