What is prostitute?

  • (verb): Sell one's body; exchange sex for money.
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The Woman Of Rome
... the intersecting lives of many characters, chief among them being a prostitute (whose mother is also a prostitute) and an idealistic intellectual who, after an interrogation by the Fascist ... Even though the novel is about a prostitute, an intellectual who loses his commitment and his belief in everything, and a Fascist officer, the novel still presents ...
Life Is Hot In Cracktown - Cast
... at night Lara Flynn Boyle as a faded and cruel prostitute named Betty McBain Thomas Ian Nicholas as Chad Wesley a rookie cop Vondie Curtis-Hall as street-toughened ...
Mondo Meyer Upakhyan - Plot
... (Samata Das), whose mother Rajani (Rituparna Sengupta) is a prostitute living and working in a brothel in rural India ... to other stories of emancipation, such as that of three young prostitutes, of an aged couple going nowhere and man's landing on the moon ... Natabar uses this vehicle to travel to Gosaipara to visit a prostitute named Rajani and negotiate with her so that he can have her 14-year-old daughter, Lati, as his mistress ...
Prostitution In Europe - Northern Europe - Sweden
... Paying for sex is illegal (the client commits a crime but not the prostitute) ... it illegal to pay for sex but not to be a prostitute, was adopted in 1999 and was then unique ... against women so the crime consists in the customer paying for sex, not in the prostitute selling sexual services ...
Boulevard (1994 Film) - Plot
... She's taken in by a prostitute named Ola (played by Rae Dawn Chong) ... Ola sees her pimp Hassan (Lou Diamond Phillips) murder another prostitute but refuses to testify against him, knowing that Hassan has associates that will kill her ... Jennefer then becomes a prostitute under Hassan and later confronts her husband who tracks her down with the intent on killing her ...

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    The elements of success in this business do not differ from the elements of success in any other. Competition is keen and bitter. Advertising is as large an element as in any other business, and since the usual avenues of successful exploitation are closed to the profession, the adage that the best advertisement is a pleased customer is doubly true for this business.
    Madeleine [Blair], U.S. prostitute and “madam.” Madeleine, ch. 5 (1919)

    Why, since man and woman were created for each other, had He made their desires so dissimilar? Why should one class of women be able to dwell in luxurious seclusion from the trials of life, while another class performed their loathsome tasks? Surely His wisdom had not decreed that one set of women should live in degradation and in the end should perish that others might live in security, preserve their frappeed chastity, and in the end be saved.
    Madeleine [Blair], U.S. prostitute and “madam.” Madeleine, ch. 10 (1919)

    The process of education in the oldest profession in the world is like any other educational process, in that it requires time and effort and patience; it can only be acquired by taking one step at a time, though the steps become accelerated after the first few.
    Madeleine [Blair], U.S. prostitute and “madam.” Madeleine, ch. 4 (1919)