What is probe?

  • (noun): An inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities.
    Example: "There was a congressional probe into the scandal"
    Synonyms: investigation
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Some articles on probe, probes:

Solar Probe Plus - Trajectory and Mission
... Early conceptual designs for the Solar Probe mission used a gravity assist maneuver at Jupiter to cancel the orbital angular momentum of the probe launched from Earth, in order ... The Solar Probe Plus mission design simplifies this trajectory by using multiple gravity assists at Venus, to incrementally decrease the orbital perihelion to achieve multiple passes to ... As the probe passes around the Sun, it will achieve a velocity of up to 200 km/s (120 mi/s) at that time making it the fastest manmade object ever, almost three times ...
Moon Impact Probe
... The Moon Impact Probe (MIP) developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India's national space agency, was a lunar probe that was released by ISRO's ... The Moon Impact Probe separated from the moon-orbiting Chandrayaan-1 on 14 November 2008, 2006 and crashed, as planned, into the lunar south pole after a controlled descent ...
Probe - Other
... Ford Probe, coupe produced by Ford, introduced in 1989 Probe, also known as a criminal investigation PROBE, a defunct Philippine public-affairs show ...
Scanning Thermal Microscopy - Technique
... SThM requires the use of specialized probes ... There are two types of thermal probes ... Thermocouple probes where the probe temperature is monitored by a thermocouple junction at the probe tip and resistive or bolometer probes where the probe ...
Microthermal Analysis
... scanning calorimetry (DSC) with high spatial resolution of scanning probe microscopy ... The instrument consists of a thermal probe which is basically a fine platinum/rhodium alloy wire (5 micro meter in diameter) coated by a sheath of silver (Wollaston ... The probe acts as both the heater as well as temperature sensor ...

More definitions of "probe":

  • (noun): An investigation conducted using a probe instrument.
  • (verb): Question or examine thoroughly and closely.
    Synonyms: examine
  • (verb): Examine physically with or as if with a probe.
    Example: "Probe an anthill"
    Synonyms: dig into, poke into
  • (noun): A flexible slender surgical instrument used to explore wounds or body cavities.
  • (noun): An exploratory action or expedition.

Famous quotes containing the word probe:

    Y’know scientists are funny. We probe and measure and dissect. Invent lights without heat, weigh a caterpillar’s eyebrow. But when it comes to really important things we’re as stupid as the caveman.... Like love. Makes the world go ‘round, but what do we know about it? Is it a fact? Is it chemistry? Electricity?
    Martin Berkeley, and Jack Arnold. Helen Dobson (Lori Nelson)

    The middle years are ones in which children increasingly face conflicts on their own,... One of the truths to be faced by parents during this period is that they cannot do the work of living and relating for their children. They can be sounding boards and they can probe with the children the consequences of alternative actions.
    Dorothy H. Cohen (20th century)