What is poverty?

  • (noun): The state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions.
    Synonyms: poorness, impoverishment


Poverty is the deprivation of food, shelter, money and clothing that occurs when people cannot satisfy their basic needs. Poverty can be understood simply as a lack of money, or more broadly in terms of barriers to everyday life.

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Poverty In India - Efforts To Alleviate Poverty - Controversy Over Extent of Poverty Reduction
... The definition of poverty in India has been called into question by the UN World Food Programme ... questioned the government of India's definition of poverty saying The fact that calorie deprivation is increasing during a period when the proportion of rural population below the poverty line is said to be ... While total overall poverty in India has declined, the extent of poverty reduction is often debated ...
Joseph Wresinski
... Born into poverty, Fr ... major landmarks throughout his life in the fight against the worst forms of poverty, in collaboration with the very poor themselves and other partners ... the report Grande pauvreté et précarité économique et sociale (Chronic Poverty and Lack of Basic Security), which was commissioned by the French Economic and Social Council, and later adopted by this Council, of ...
Poverty - Etymology
... The word poverty comes from old French poverté (Modern French pauvreté), from Latin paupertās, from pauper (poor) ... The English word "poverty" via Anglo-Norman povert ... There are several definitions of poverty depending on the context of the situation in is placed in and the views of the person giving the definition ...
World Development Report - Previous Reports 1978-2007
... in the year 1978 with its first report titled "Prospects for Growth and Alleviation of Poverty." Since then, it has focused each year on a particular theme ... Sineor manager shubham Aggarwal st xaviers 2000-01 Attacking Poverty 1990 Poverty 1980 Poverty and Human Development 1978 Prospects for Growth and ...

Famous quotes containing the word poverty:

    It is a world completely rotten with wealth, power, senility, indifference, puritanism and mental hygiene, poverty and waste, technological futility and aimless violence, and yet I cannot help but feel it has about it something of the dawning of the universe.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)

    Give a beggar a dime and he’ll bless you. Give him a dollar and he’ll curse you for witholding the rest of your fortune. Poverty is a bag with a hole at the bottom.
    Anzia Yezierska (c. 1881–1970)

    ... the hey-day of a woman’s life is on the shady side of fifty, when the vital forces heretofore expended in other ways are garnered in the brain, when their thoughts and sentiments flow out in broader channels, when philanthropy takes the place of family selfishness, and when from the depths of poverty and suffering the wail of humanity grows as pathetic to their ears as once was the cry of their own children.
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815–1902)