What is pot?

  • (noun): The quantity contained in a pot.
    Synonyms: potful
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Pot O' Gold (film)
... Pot o' Gold is a 1941 American romantic comedy film starring James Stewart and Paulette Goddard, directed by George Marshall, and based on the radio series Pot o' Gold ...
Amarna Letters–phrases And Quotations - List of Phrases - A Pot Held in Pledge
... a pot held in pledge—The Pot of a Debt ... EA 292 by Adda-danu of Gazru ...
Pot Belge
... Pot Belge is a French term that is used to describe a mixture of drugs illegally used by cyclists ... "Belgian mix" or "Belgian stew." English sources have sometimes used the term Belgian pot ...
Path Of Remembrance And Comradeship
... The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship (Slovene Pot spominov in tovarištva, acronym PST), also referred to as the Path along the Wire (Pot ob žici), the Path ...
... nurungji, the roasted (but not charred) crust of rice that forms on the bottom of a pot after cooking rice ... until all water had been boiled away and a crust made on the bottom of the pot ... not only prevent waste of the remaining rice that was sticking to the pot, it would also naturally clear out the pot's insides which made cleaning ...

More definitions of "pot":

  • (noun): The cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker).
    Synonyms: jackpot, kitty
  • (noun): Metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid.
  • (verb): Plant in a pot.
    Example: "He potted the palm"
  • (noun): A container in which plants are cultivated.
    Synonyms: flowerpot
  • (noun): A resistor with three terminals, the third being an adjustable center terminal; used to adjust voltages in radios and TV sets.
    Synonyms: potentiometer

Famous quotes containing the word pot:

    As if he were
    a pot of dates
    in a blind man’s hand,
    they pilfer my husband
    and they’re jealous of me!
    The cobra’s hood
    has come out of its tail.
    Hla Stavhana (c. 50 A.D.)

    Would I were in an alehouse in London. I would give all my
    fame for a pot of ale, and safety.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    James Joyce is the new Euphues: the melting pot of the language and of present literary idiom and banality.
    Christina Stead (1902–1983)