What is polish?

  • (verb): (of surfaces) make shine.
    Example: "Polish my shoes"
    Synonyms: smooth, smoothen, shine
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Theatre Of Poland - Tradition
... The strength of Polish dramatic theatre lays in the professionalism of its actors ... The core of its repertoire consists of the most cherished Polish and foreign dramas, with which directors conduct their individual dialogues, asking these classic pieces questions tormenting ... Somewhat more conservative is the second Polish theatre with national status - the National Old Theatre in Kraków, the only one in Poland belonging ...
Polish People's Party - History - Before 1945
... PSL led by Wincenty Witos, becoming one of the most important political parties in the Second Polish Republic until it was removed by the Sanacja regime (see also People's Party) ... During this time there were two parties using the term "Polish People's Party" Polish People's Party "Piast" and Polish People's Party "Wyzwolenie" ... During World War II, PSL took part in forming the Polish government in exile ...

More definitions of "polish":

  • (noun): The Slavic language of Poland.
  • (adj): Of or relating to Poland or its people or culture.
    Example: "Polish sausage"
  • (noun): A preparation used in polishing.
  • (noun): A highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality.
    Example: "They performed with great polish"
    Synonyms: refinement, culture, cultivation, finish

Famous quotes containing the word polish:

    It has always been my practice to cast a long paragraph in a single mould, to try it by my ear, to deposit it in my memory, but to suspend the action of the pen till I had given the last polish to my work.
    Edward Gibbon (1737–1794)

    ‘Then I polish all the silver, which a supper-table lacquers;
    Then I write the pretty mottoes which you find inside the
    Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    Use the stones of another hill to polish your own jade.
    Chinese proverb.