What is perceived?

  • (adj): Detected by instinct or inference rather than by recognized perceptual cues.
    Example: "A perceived threat"
    Synonyms: sensed
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Some articles on perceived:

LGBT In The United States - Violence Against LGBT People
... Those targeted by such violence are perceived to violate heteronormative rules and contravene perceived protocols of gender and sexual roles ... People who are perceived to be LGBTQI may also be targeted ... In 2004, the FBI reported that 15.6% of hate crimes reported to police were founded on perceived sexual orientation ...
... of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development mentoring entails informal communication ...
Tribunals, Courts And Enforcement Act 2007 - Enforcement of Judgments and Orders - Background
... Various problems were perceived to persist with the availability, quality and reliability of financial information from debtors ... This situation was perceived as offering opportunities for the debtor to dispose of valuable property while making modest instalments in the short term. 71 of the Civil Procedure Rules were widely perceived as ineffective ...
Amodal Perception
... For example, a table will be perceived as a complete volumetric structure even if only part of it—the facing surface—projects to the retina it is perceived as possessing internal volume and hidden rear surfaces ... Similarly, the world around us is perceived as a surrounding plenum, even though only part of it is in view at any time ... object (the dog) is partially occluded by fence-posts in front of it, but is nevertheless perceived as a single continuous object ...
Chronic Bracing
... resulting from a conscious or subconsciously perceived ongoing fear or threat ... reaction to a physical threat is also triggered under perceived threats that are not pyhsical in nature ... If these perceived fear or threat is ongoing, which is often the case if perceived from within the unconscious, Chronic Bracing will be one of the consequences ...

More definitions of "perceived":

  • (adj): Detected by means of the senses.
    Example: "A perceived difference in temperature"

Famous quotes containing the word perceived:

    One can describe a landscape in many different words and sentences, but one would not normally cut up a picture of a landscape and rearrange it in different patterns in order to describe it in different ways. Because a photograph is not composed of discrete units strung out in a linear row of meaningful pieces, we do not understand it by looking at one element after another in a set sequence. The photograph is understood in one act of seeing; it is perceived in a gestalt.
    Joshua Meyrowitz, U.S. educator, media critic. “The Blurring of Public and Private Behaviors,” No Sense of Place: The Impact of Electronic Media on Social Behavior, Oxford University Press (1985)

    I perceived that to express those impressions, to write that essential book, which is the only true one, a great writer does not, in the current meaning of the word, invent it, but, since it exists already in each one of us, interprets it. The duty and the task of a writer are those of an interpreter.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    I have a sense of going my own way, and I don’t really think much about whether it’s going against the grain. I don’t really want to spend a lot of time worrying about how I am perceived by other people.
    Kathleen Collins (1931–1988)