What is penalty?

  • (noun): (games) a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game.
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Some articles on penalty:

Short-handed - 5-on-3
... A team can have two players in the penalty box, but can only be limited to three players on the ice at any given time ... If the other team is at full strength and the penalized team has two players in the penalty box, plus a goalie in net, the situation is called a 5-on-3 ... may return to the ice, and play resumes as a power play with only one player in the penalty box ...
Igor Bališ
... Despite being a penalty specialist in international football he failed to convey this when arriving at West Brom and it was only later discovered that he was the ... This came in useful when he converted a dramatic stoppage time penalty against Bradford City in the penultimate game of the 2001-02 season, which put ...
Penalty - Religion
... Penalty (Mormonism), an oath made during the original Nauvoo Endowment ceremony of the Latter Day Saint movement ...
Batting Out Of Turn - Penalty
... There is no penalty, but the situation is rectified--the proper batter comes to bat and assumes the improper batter's current count ...
Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard - Honours
... Eredivisie ING Fair Play-reward Denmark's best penalty keeper - Recent statistics showed that out of 29 Danish keepers Kevin is the best one in saving penalties ... Which makes him a penalty specialist, he his very famous for his "double save" in a penalty against AFC Ajax ... He had the fantastic 45% in penalty saves, which made him the best Danish penalty keeper ...

More definitions of "penalty":

  • (noun): A payment required for not fulfilling a contract.
  • (noun): The disadvantage or painful consequences of an action or condition.
    Example: "Neglected his health and paid the penalty"

Famous quotes containing the word penalty:

    The Reverend Samuel Peters ... exaggerated the Blue Laws, but they did include “Capital Lawes” providing a death penalty for any child over sixteen who was found guilty of cursing or striking his natural parents; a death penalty for an incorrigible son; a law forbidding smoking except in a room in a private house; another law declaring smoking illegal except on a journey five miles away from home,...
    —Administration for the State of Con, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    That’s the penalty we have to pay for our acts of foolishness—someone else always suffers for them.
    Alfred Sutro (1863–1933)

    So the people will pay the penalty for their kings’ presumption, who, by devising evil, turn justice from her path with tortuous speech.
    Hesiod (c. 8th century B.C.)