What is Parthian?

  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Parthia.
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... Barzapharnes was a Parthian general during the latter half of the 1st century BCE ... In 40 BCE, Barzapharnes commanded a Parthian invasion of the Levant, commanded and aided by Pacorus, who allied himself with the Roman outlaw Quintus Labienus, and seized Syria ... in the capture of Jerusalem, and the replacement of Phasael and Hyrcanus II by the pro-parthian Hasmonean prince, Antigonus ben Aristobulus ...
... Parthian may be A demonym "of Parthia", a region of north-eastern Iran Parthian language, a now-extinct Middle Iranian language Parthian shot, an archery skill famously ...
Parthia - History - Under The Sassanids
... Some of the Parthian nobility continued to resist Sassanid dominion for some time, but most switched their allegiance to the Sassanids very early ... Several families that claimed descent from the Parthian noble families became a Sassanid institution known as the "Seven houses", five of which are "in all probability" not Parthian, but contrived ...
Antony's Parthian War
... Antony's Parthian War or the Roman-Parthian War of 40-33 BC was a major conflict between the Roman Republic, represented in the East by the triumvir Mark Antony, and the Parthians ...

More definitions of "Parthian":

  • (adj): Delivered at the moment of parting as if in flight or retreat.
    Example: "A Parthian volley of expletives from Uncle Billy"- Bret Harte
    Synonyms: parting
  • (adj): Pertaining to Parthia or its people or language or culture.
    Example: "Parthian archeology"