What is palm?

  • (noun): The inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the base of the fingers.
    Synonyms: thenar
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... The Palm and May is prefixed with the fifth line from Spring, the Sweet Spring, a poem from Thomas Nashe’s poem cycle Summer’s Last Will and Testament “The Palm and May make country houses ...
Palm Haven
... Palm Haven is an historic neighborhood of San Jose, California ... Developers Eaton, Vestal, and Herschbach built Palm Haven with wide parkways planted with Mexican Fan Palms and Canary Island Date Palms at equal intervals ... Mission-Revival style was built on an island at the foot of the Palm Haven Avenue entrance for a Palm Haven stop on the Peninsular Railway ...
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... Tiger Room, Chicago, 1920 Wiener Werkstätte Showroom, NYC, 1922 Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, 1925–1926 Demarest Little Castle, Palm Beach, Florida, 1926 ...
... Neera, also called sweet toddy or palm nectar, is a sap extracted generally before sunrise from the inflorescence of various species of toddy palms and used to ... It should not be confused with the juice made from palm fruit ... spathes of the coconut, sago, and Palmyra (Borassus flabellifer L.) palm, and scraping the tendermost part, just below the crown ...

More definitions of "palm":

  • (noun): A linear unit based on the length or width of the human hand.
  • (verb): Touch, lift, or hold with the hands.
    Synonyms: handle
  • (noun): Any plant of the family Palmae having an unbranched trunk crowned by large pinnate or palmate leaves.
    Synonyms: palm tree

Famous quotes containing the word palm:

    When John Henry was a little fellow,
    You could hold him in the palm of your hand,
    He said to his pa, “When I grow up
    I’m gonna be a steel-driving man.
    Gonna be a steel-driving man.”
    Unknown. John Henry (l. 1–5)

    The body, what is it, Father, but a sign
    To love the force that grows us, to give back
    What in Thy palm is senselessness and mud?
    Karl Shapiro (b. 1913)

    When an immortal passion breathes in mortal clay;
    Our hearts endure the scourge, the plaited thorns, the way
    Crowded with bitter faces, the wounds in palm and side,
    The vinegar-heavy sponge, the flowers by Kedron stream....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)