What is Palestinian Arab?

  • (noun): A descendant of the Arabs who inhabited Palestine.
    Synonyms: Palestinian

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Army Of The Holy War
... War or Holy War Army (Arabic جيش الجهاد المقدس Jaysh al-Jihad al-Muqaddas) was a Palestinian Arab irregular force in the 1947-48 Palestinian civil war led by Abd al-Q ... The Arab League set up the Arab Salvation Army (Jaysh al-Inqadh al-Arabi) as a counter to the Army of the Holy War and as part of its plan to contain the Palestinian Arab leadership and to prevent it from ... The Army of the Holy War had over 50,000 Palestinian Arabs available for local defense but a force of only 5,000 to 10,000, both foreign fighters from Arab states and Palestinian Arab militiamen, available to be ...
1970 In Israel - Events - Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
... The most prominent events related to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict which occurred during 1970 include Notable Palestinian militant operations against Israeli targets The most prominent Palestinian ... The Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine organization claims responsibility for the attack. 4 May – An employee at the Israeli consulate in Paraguay was killed by two armed Palestinians ...
Residents Of Palestine - Bibliography
... value (help) Cohen, Hillel, Army of Shadows, Palestinian Collaboration with Zionism, 1917–1948 Cohen, Robin (1995) ... The Israeli-Palestinian War Escalating to Nowhere ... Culture and Customs Of The Palestinians ...
2006 In The Palestinian Territories - Events
... January 25 – Palestinian Authority legislative election Hamas wins the majority of seats in the Palestinian Authority legislative election ... Union, and several European and Western countries cut off their aid to the Palestinian Authority as they view the Islamist political party who rejects Israel's ... three Qassam rockets are fired from Gaza by Palestinian Arab militants at Israeli civilian targets ...
... al-Najjada (Munazzamat al-Najjada al-Falastiniyya) was a Palestinian Arab paramilitary scout movement formed in Jaffa, British Mandate of Palestine on 8 December 1945 ... Its officers were mainly Arabs who had served in the British Army ... The Great revolt 1936-1939 led to an imbalance of power between the Jewish community and the Arab community, as the latter had been substantially disarmed ...

Famous quotes containing the words arab and/or palestinian:

    As the Arab proverb says, “The dog barks and the caravan passes”. After having dropped this quotation, Mr. Norpois stopped to judge the effect it had on us. It was great; the proverb was known to us: it had been replaced that year among men of high worth by this other: “Whoever sows the wind reaps the storm”, which had needed some rest since it was not as indefatigable and hardy as, “Working for the King of Prussia”.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    I have told my husband that if he denies women equality, I will be in the vanguard of women on the streets, protesting outside his office in the new Palestinian state.
    Suha Tawil (b. 1963)