What is palatine?

  • (adj): Relating to or lying near the palate.
    Example: "The palatine tonsils"
    Synonyms: palatal
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A palatine or palatinus (in Latin; plural palatini; cf. derivative spellings below) is a high-level official attached to imperial or royal courts in Europe since Roman times. The term palatinus was first used in Ancient Rome for chamberlains of the Emperor due to their association with the Palatine Hill, the imperial palace guard after the rise of Constantine I were also called the Scholae Palatinae for the same reason. In the Early Middle Ages the title became attached to courts beyond the imperial one; the highest level of officials in the Roman Catholic Church were called the judices palatini. Later the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties had counts palatine, as did the Holy Roman Empire. Related titles were used in Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, the German Empire, and the Duchy of Burgundy, while England, Ireland, and parts of British North America referred to rulers of counties palatine as palatines.

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More definitions of "palatine":

  • (noun): Any of various important officials in ancient Rome.
  • (adj): Of or relating to a palace.
  • (noun): (Middle Ages) the lord of a palatinate who exercised sovereign powers over his lands.
    Synonyms: palsgrave
  • (noun): The most important of the Seven Hills of Rome; supposedly the location of the first settlement and the site of many imperial palaces.
  • (noun): Either of two irregularly shaped bones that form the back of the hard palate and helps to form the nasal cavity and the floor of the orbits.
    Synonyms: palatine bone, os palatinum
  • (adj): Of or relating to a count palatine and his royal prerogatives.