What is paired?

  • (adj): Of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem.
    Synonyms: opposite
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List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Soulbond
... Creatures with soulbond can be paired with other creatures (with or without soulbond) when either creature enters the battlefield ... When paired, each of the paired creatures receives the ability printed on the soulbond creature's card (if both creatures have soulbond, they each receive both abilities) ... Creatures remain paired until one of them leaves the battlefield ...
Lacey Schwimmer
... seventh season of Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer paired with Lance Bass of 'N Sync, in the eighth season of the show paired with ... with Disney Channel star, Kyle Massey and in the 12th season she was paired with radio host Mike Catherwood ... In the thirteenth season, she was paired with transgender activist Chaz Bono ...
Paired Home
... A unique concept, a paired home is two homes that share a wall and have opposite side entry ... Upon driving by a paired home, many people are not able to see that it is actually two homes ... In certain communities, the builder designs the look of the paired home to have a courtyard type backyard on one side, which makes it look like it is a courtyard and not a backyard ...
Pub Names - Paired Names
... deriding among others such contemporary paired names as 'Bell and Neat's Tongue', though accepting 'Cat and Fiddle' ... Fashion, as in the rise of intentionally amusing paired names like 'Slug and Lettuce' and 'Frog and Firkin' in the late 20th century, may also be responsible ...
Sabra Johnson - Contestant On So You Think You Can Dance
... On the first episode of the show, Johnson was paired up with b-boy Dominic Sandoval, and they remained partners for five weeks ... In week 6, Johnson was randomly paired with contemporary/hip hop dancer Kameron Bink for the next dance where they performed a contemporary routine ... In week 7, Johnson was randomly paired with ballroom dancer, Pasha Kovalev, for the next performance where they performed a Broadway routine and a quickstep ...

More definitions of "paired":

  • (adj): Mated sexually.
  • (adj): Used of gloves, socks, etc..
    Synonyms: mated

Famous quotes containing the word paired:

    The paired butterflies are already yellow with August
    Over the grass in the West garden;
    They hurt me. I grow older.
    Li Po (701–762)

    You can make lots of mistakes, but if you give children avenues for creativity and joy, they will have resources to carry them through. For example, if cooking together, reading, listening to music, coloring, participating in sports, or taking a walk in the woods are paired with pleasure and closeness, throughout life doing these things will kindle old feelings of happiness an/or comfort.
    Charlotte Davis Kasl (20th century)