What is overhaul?

  • (verb): Travel past.
    Synonyms: pass, overtake
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Some articles on overhaul, overhauls:

GWR 3000 Class - Overhaul and Sorting
... The original 3000-19 and 3020-49 were considered good engines and given proper overhaul and Swindon fittings, including top feed and brass safety valve casing ... The remainder were renumbered 3050-3099, given a light overhaul and then ran until they failed, when they were withdrawn — all were gone by 1930 ...
Time Between Overhaul
... Time between overhaul (abbreviated as TBO or TBOH) is the manufacturer's recommended number of running hours or calender time before an aircraft engine or other component requires overhauling ... For engines the time between overhauls is generally a function of the complexity of the engine and how it is employed ... Since the overhaul process requires the engine to be taken apart, it is typically an expensive process ...
List Of Currently Active Russian Military Watercraft - Ships in Service - Conventional Attack Submarines (18)
1990 X B-459 Vladikavkaz 1990 X Undergoing overhaul in Zvezdochka since 2011 ... X Project 877LPMB Kilo TBD B-800 Kaluga 1989 X Undergo overhaul and upgrade in Zvezdochka from 2003 ... It was re-launched after drydock part of overhaul on 26 May 2012 ...

More definitions of "overhaul":

  • (noun): Periodic maintenance on a car or machine.
    Example: "It was time for an overhaul on the tractor"
    Synonyms: inspection and repair, service
  • (verb): Make repairs or adjustments to.
    Example: "You should overhaul your car engine"
    Synonyms: modernize, modernise