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List Of Dog Breeds - List With Classification and Standards
... United States Bulldog Campeiro Brazil Bullenbeisser Germany Extinct Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Black Norwegian Elkhound Norway Group 05 Section 02 #242,268 Group 04 (Hounds ...
Old Covenant (Iceland)
... Iceland (the so-called Age of the Sturlungs), as the Norwegian king tried to exert his influence through the Icelandic family clans, most notably the ... Gissur Þorvaldsson, a vassal of the king, worked as his agent in the matter ... the Icelanders were to bear taxation from the Norwegian king, but in exchange they were to receive a code of laws, guaranteed peace and reliable transportation and shipping between ...
Harald Olafsson - Norwegian Exile
... In 1238, the chronicle records that, under the orders of the King of Norway, two men—a certain Gospatric and Gilla Críst mac Muirchertach—landed on Mann and drove Haraldr from island, because ... taking tribute from the island which was due to the Norwegian king ... counsel", and travelled to the court of the King of Norway, where he remained for two years ...
Battle On The Ice Of Lake Vänern - Norse Sagas
... preserved but, Uppland, the core province of the Swedes had been confused with its Norwegian namesake Oppland, and so Onela was referred to as a Norwegian king ... In this fight king Áli died and a great many of his people ... Then king Adils took from him his helmet Hildisvín (battle-boar) and his horse Hrafn ...

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