What is neophyte?

  • (noun): A plant that is found in an area where it had not been recorded previously.
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Neophyte (series)
... Neophyte The Journey Begins, Neophyte Koplio’s Story, and Neophyte The Spirit Master are a series of three action role-playing computer games created by Alien Software, and ...
Secret Of The Solstice - Character Classes - Neophyte
... Neophytes are known for their cunning and speed ... Neophytes can class change to Rogue at 66, Assassin at 96 and finally to Shadow Master at 131 ...
Neophyte (band) - Discography
... Real Hardcore (Rotterdam Records, 1997) Not Enough Middle Fingers (Neophyte Records, 2000) At War (Neophyte Records, 2001) Ten Years of Terror (Traxtorm Records, 2001) 13 Jaar ...
... Neophyte may also refer to Neophyte (botany), a plant species recently introduced to an area (in contrast to an archaeophyte, a long-established introduced species) Neophyte (band ... Neophyte Redglare, a character in Homestuck ...
Secret Of The Solstice - Character Classes - Prestige Classes
... At level 45, both the Neophyte and Acolyte have the ability to move on to a different class called 'Prestige Classes' ... The Neophyte can become a Scout, while an Acolyte can become a Disciple ... Finally, at level 112, they reach full potential and become a Ranger (if Neophyte) and Holy Avenger (if Acolyte) ...

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  • (noun): A new convert being taught the principles of Christianity by a catechist.
    Synonyms: catechumen