What is Nan?

  • (noun): Your grandmother.
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In computing, NaN, standing for not a number, is a numeric data type value representing an undefined or unrepresentable value, especially in floating-point calculations. Systematic use of NaNs was introduced by the IEEE 754 floating-point standard in 1985, along with the representation of other non-finite quantities like infinities.

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Sun Nan - Career
1992 Sun Nan went to Hong Kong as one of the 10 most popular singers in China.(Other 9 members areNa Ying、Xie Xiaodong、Mao Amin、Cai Guoqing、Cheng Fangyuan、Y. 1992 Sun Nan held 6 concerts "The night of Sun Nan" in Indonesia, and that was the first time a Chinese pop singer can hold a concert in another country. 1993 Sun Nan joined Music Impact Ltd ...
Selçuk İnan
... Selçuk İnan (born 10 February 1985) is a Turkish international footballer ... as a midfielder or a deep-lying playmaker for both his club and Turkey, Selçuk İnan is widely considered as the greatest native central midfielder ever to play for Galatasaray ... İnan is also a set-piece specialist and his style of play is usually compared to Xavi Hernández ...

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  • (noun): Leavened bread baked in a clay oven in India; usually shaped like a teardrop.
  • (noun): A river of western Thailand flowing southward to join the Ping River to form the Chao Phraya.
    Synonyms: Nan River