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Modum FK
... founded in 2007 as a merger between the first teams of Åmot IF, IL Moingen, Vikersund IF, Haugfoss IF, Bingen BK and Geithus IL ... It entered the league system for the 2008 season, taking the place of Åmot IF in the Second Division ... Åmot started anew in the Fourth Division ...
... Motörizer is the nineteenth studio album by the British heavy metal band Motörhead ... It was released on 26 August 2008 ...
Mot - Other
... Transport Ministry of Transport and Road Safety (Israel) Mode of transport MOT test, British vehicle roadworthiness test, term MOT also used for the certificate granted Motorola stock symbol IATA code for Minot ...
Timeline Of Heavy Metal Music - 1979 - Albums
... popularity suffered for several years Led Zeppelin – In Through the Out Door Motörhead – Overkill Motörhead – Bomber Motörhead – On Parole (unofficial release from ...
Shapash (Canaanite Goddess) - Baal Myth
... By delivering her verdict in the final struggle of Baal with Mot, she reveals her role as judge among the gods, and by her judgement against Mot, as saviour of humankind, two aspects, Brian B ... In the battle between Baal and Mot, she threatens Mot that El will intervene in Baal's favour, a threat which ends the battle ...

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  • (noun): A clever remark.
    Synonyms: bon mot