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List Of Honorary British Knights And Dames - Sortable Table - Politics and Government
... Holkeri Finland KBE 1999 Politics/Government Mohammed Ikramullah Pakistan KCMG 1961 Politics/Government Ito Yukichi Japan KCVO 1905 Politics/Government Dato Onn Bin Ja'Afar tbd KBE. 2002 Politics/Government Sayyed Abdelrahman el-Mahdi tbd KBE 1926 Politics/Government Mohammed Pasha Mahmud tbd GCMG 1929 Politics/Government Nelson Mandela South Africa OM 1995 ... Safvet Pasha tbd GCSI 1878 Politics/Government Mohammed Said Pasha tbd GCMG 1912 Politics/Government Saito Momotaro tbd GCVO 1905 Politics/Government Mariano, Duke of Santo Mauro Spain GCVO 1905 Politics/Gover ...