Sheik or The Sheik may refer to:

  • Sheikh, an honorific term in Arabic
  • Duncan Sheik (born 1969), an American singer-songwriter and composer
  • The Sheik (film), a 1921 silent film starring Rudolph Valentino
  • The Sheik (novel), by Edith Maude Hull, on which the film is based
  • "The Sheik of Araby", a 1921 pop tune composed in response to the film
  • Sheik (Legend of Zelda), a disguise of Princess Zelda in Ocarina of Time
  • Sheik condoms, introduced by Jules Schmid

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Sheik Karimal Makdum Mosque
... The Sheik Karim al Makdum Mosque is located in Tubig Indangan, Simunul, Tawi-Tawi ... The mosque was built by an Arab trader, Sheik Makhdum Karim in 1380 ...
Sheik - Professional Wrestling
... Ed Farhat (1926-2003), American wrestler who performed as "The Sheik" and is also known as the "Original Sheik" Iron Sheik (born 1943), ring name of Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, Iranian wrestler ...
Stereotypes Of Arabs And Muslims
... Rudolph Valentino's roles in The Sheik (1921) and The Son of the Sheik (1926) set the stage for the exploration and negative portrayal of Arabs in ... Both The Sheik and The Son of the Sheik represented Arab characters as thieves, charlatans, murderers, and brutes ...
Sheikh (Sufism)
... A Sheik or sheik (Arabic شيخ sheik pl ... The sheik is vital to the path of the novice sufi, for the sheik has himself travelled the path of mysticism ... Viewed as the spiritual master, the sheik, forms a formal allegiance (bay'a) to the disciple of Sufism and authorizes the disciple's travels and helps the disciple along the mystical path ...
Millennium Wrestling Federation - Controversy - Iron Sheik
... on the independent circuit since the early 1990s, the Iron Sheik became associated with the MWF soon after its establishment and was later named the MWF Lt ... On August 5, 2005, the Iron Sheik, Dan Mirade and MWF Commissioner Dr ... when they were hit head on by a drunk driver following an event, Iron Sheik Appreciation Night, in Blackstone, Massachusetts ...