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MiNT (MiNT is Now TOS) is a free software alternative operating system kernel for the Atari ST and its successors. Together with the free system components fVDI (device drivers), XaAES (GUI widgets), and TeraDesk (a file manager), MiNT provides a free TOS compatible replacement OS that is capable of multitasking.

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Coins Of Scotland - Union of The Crowns (from 1603) - Subsequent Developments
... Article 16 of the Treaty of Union stipulated that Scotland was to keep its own mint, but this, as with many others, has not been followed ... be of the same standard and value throughout the United Kingdom as now in England, and a Mint shell be continued in Scotland under the same rules as the Mint in England and the present officers ... The mint itself was finally abolished in 1817 and sold in 1830 ...
Robert Richardson (Lord Treasurer) - King's Man and Lord High Treasurer
... In January 1571 the lease of the mint which he had held since 1566 was renewed for three years, half the profits to be applied to paying off his ňúsuperexpenses as treasurer ... He retained control of the mint until March 1573, his share of the profits amounting to more than ¬£5400 Scots ... Thereafter he continued to receive money from the mint to redeem the royal jewels that had been pledged to him, further payments being made to his sons after his death ...
Papal Mint
... The Papal Mint is the pope's institute for the production of hard cash ... Papal Mint also refers to the buildings in Avignon, Rome, and elsewhere that used to house the mint ... (The Italian word for mint is Zecca) ...
... Geneva could however be run together with MiNT, then offering true pre-emptive multitasking ... To cover the need for a new user interface for MiNT, Martin started working on a project called MiNA ... release in the late 90's and at the time it had become a very robust AES for MiNT, and included a number of innovations compared to the ancient AES 4.1 from ...
Standing Liberty Quarter - Inception
... On September 26, 1890, the United States Congress passed an act providing The Director of the Mint shall have power, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, to cause new designs.. ... But the Director of the Mint shall nevertheless have power, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, to engage temporarily the services of one or more artists, distinguished in their respective ... and half dollars with similar designs by Mint Chief Engraver Charles E ...

More definitions of "mint":

  • (verb): Form by stamping, punching, or printing.
    Synonyms: coin, strike
  • (noun): Any north temperate plant of the genus Mentha with aromatic leaves and small mauve flowers.
  • (adj): As if new.
    Example: "In mint condition"
  • (noun): The leaves of a mint plant used fresh or candied.
  • (noun): A plant where money is coined by authority of the government.
  • (noun): A candy that is flavored with a mint oil.
    Synonyms: mint candy