What is membrane?

  • (noun): A pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects organs or cells of animals.
    Synonyms: tissue layer
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The term membrane most commonly refers to a thin, film-like structure that separates two fluids. It acts as a selective barrier, allowing some particles or chemicals to pass through, but not others. In some cases, especially in anatomy, membrane may refer to a thin film that is primarily a separating structure rather than a selective barrier.

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Bruch's Membrane - Pathology
... Bruch's membrane thickens with age, slowing the transport of metabolites ... (Basal Linear Deposits or BLinD and Basal Lamellar Deposits BLamD) on and within the membrane, primarily consisting of phospholipids ... This build up seems to fragment the membrane into a lamellar structure more like puff-pastry than a barrier ...
... Epsins are the family of membrane proteins that are important in creating the needed membrane curvature ... Epsins contribute to various needed membrane deformations like endocytosis and block vesicle formation during mitosis ... binds Phosphatidylinositol (4,5)-bisphosphate, meaning that it binds a lipid of biological membranes ...
Endoplasmic-reticulum-associated Protein Degradation - ERAD Ubiquitination Machinery
... The ER membrane anchored RING finger containing ubiquitin ligases Hrd1 and Doa10 are the major mediators of substrate ubiquitination during ERAD ... The tail anchored membrane protein Ubc6 as well as Ubc1 and the Cue1 dependent membrane bound Ubc7 are the ubiquitin conjugating enzymes involved in ERAD ...
Membrane - Industrial Use
... Certain features of membranes are responsible for the interest in using them as substitutes to consolidated industrial separation processes, like distillation ... and modularity, which facilitates the incorporation of more efficient membranes ...
Bruch's Membrane - Layers
... Bruch's membrane consists of five layers (from inside to outside) the basement membrane of the retinal pigment epithelium the inner collagenous zone ...

More definitions of "membrane":

  • (noun): A thin pliable sheet of material.