What is mate?

  • (noun): The officer below the master on a commercial ship.
    Synonyms: first mate
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Sea Change (Armstrong Novel) - Plot Summary
... Because he is dissatisfied with the progress of his training, he asks the Chief Mate for assignment to one of the night watches rather than to routine day-work ... The mate gives him short shrift, and during the outward voyage the two are at odds ... injustice, Cam devises a scheme to make the mate think he is haunted by a whistling poltergeist ...
Club-Mate - History
... of Dietenhofen, Germany originally formulated and marketed Club-Mate under the name Sekt-Bronte ... until acquired by Loscher and marketed under the name Club-Mate ... Three examples of Club-Mate-based mixed drinks are vodka-mate, Tschunk, a combination of rum and Club-Mate and Jaeger-Mate a mix of Jaegermeister and Club-Mate mainly common in Berlin ...
Shripad Mahadev Mate
... Shripad Mahadev Mate (Devanagari श्रीपाद महादेव माटे) (1886–1957) was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra, India ... Mate served for some years as a teacher at Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya and then as a professor at S ... Himself belonging to the Brahmin class in Hinduism, Mate headed an Asprusya Niwarak Mandal (अस्पृश्य निवारक मंडळ) aimed at abolishing untouchability in traditional Hindu culture of ...
Lined Seahorse
... ritual dances every morning to reestablish the bond with its mate ... action occurs when they initially find their mate ... in how they handle the death of their partner If either the male or female should die, the mate does not automatically replace the deceased mate with a new one ...

More definitions of "mate":

  • (noun): A fellow member of a team.
    Synonyms: teammate
  • (verb): Place an opponent's king under an attack from which it cannot escape and thus ending the game.
    Synonyms: checkmate
  • (noun): Informal term for a friend of the same sex.
  • (noun): The partner of an animal (especially a sexual partner).
    Example: "He loved the mare and all her mates"; "camels hate leaving their mates"
  • (noun): A chess move constituting an inescapable and indefensible attack on the opponent's king.
    Synonyms: checkmate
  • (noun): South American tea-like drink made from leaves of a South American holly called mate.
  • (noun): An exact duplicate.
    Synonyms: match

Famous quotes containing the word mate:

    “... Let the cage bird and the cage bird mate and the wild bird mate in the wild.”
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    O past! O happy life! O songs of joy!
    In the air, in the woods, over fields,
    Loved! loved! loved! loved! loved!
    But my mate no more, no more with me!
    We two together no more.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    I must be the mate of the man I had chosen; and if he would not come to my level, I must go to his.
    Jane Grey Swisshelm (1815–1884)