What is Martian?

  • (adj): Of or relating to the planet Mars (or its fictional inhabitants).
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Martian is a native inhabitant of the planet Mars. Since there is currently no solid evidence of life there at present, all Martians known as of 2012 are fictional creatures. In science fiction, the term Martian could also refer to a human colonist born and raised on the planet Mars.

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List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Heroes - Martian Manhunter
... Voice Actor Nicholas Guest The Martian Manhunter is a shapeshifting Green Martian who is the last of his kind after his people were slaughtered by the ...
Martians in Fiction
... Martians, other than human beings transplanted to Mars (as in the film Red Planet), became rare in fiction after the visit of the space probe Mariner 4 to Mars, except in exercises of deliberate nostalgia, most ... Otherwise, such sentient Martian species or civilisations are rationalised through use of the alternate history trope as a background The War of the Worlds (1898) by H ... The Martians are an ancient, advanced race with a tentacled, cephalopod-like appearance, who are invading Earth as their own planet is cooling down ...
List Of Duck Dodgers Characters - Other Villains - Martian Gophers
... Martian Commander X-2 and Commander K-9 encounter two six-limbed, green gophers from Mars ... The Martian Gophers later returned to plague Duck Dodgers on a space farm ... The Martian Gophers resemble the Goofy Gophers ...
Cosmo The Merry Martian
... Cosmo the Merry Martian was a comic book published by Archie Comics in the late 1950s ... The title character was the first Martian to visit the Earth ... Thimk (the scientist who invented the Martian spaceship, but was not on it when it took off from Mars), and Astra (Cosmo's girlfriend) ...
Martian Dichotomy
... The most conspicuous feature of Martian surface geology is a sharp contrast, known as the Martian dichotomy, between the rugged southern highlands and the ... The average thickness of the Martian crust is 45 km, with 32 km in the northern lowlands region, and 58 km in the southern highlands ... The Martian dichotomy boundary includes the regions called Deuteronilus Mensae, Protonilus Mensae, and Nilosyrtis Mensae ...

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  • (noun): Imaginary people who live on the planet Mars.