What is marshall?

  • (noun): United States jurist; as chief justice of the Supreme Court he established the principles of United States constitutional law (1755-1835).
    Synonyms: John Marshall
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Purple People Eaters - Retirement
... After the 1979 season, Jim Marshall retired. 19 with the Vikings and 1 with the Cleveland Browns) Marshall never missed a game and set what was then a National Football League record with 282 ... After his last home game, Marshall was carried off the field by his teammates in celebration ...
The Princess Diaries (film) - Production
... The film was produced by Whitney Houston and Debra Martin Chase and directed by Garry Marshall ... Anne Hathaway was hired for the role of Mia because Garry Marshall's granddaughters saw her audition tape and said she had the best "princess hair." H├ęctor Elizondo, who appears in all the ... Garry Marshall's daughter, Kathleen, plays Clarisse's secretary Charlotte Kutaway ...
Purple People Eaters - Memorable Moments - Remarkable Play On Thanksgiving
1969 Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions, Jim Marshall and Alan Page combined for one of the most remarkable plays in NFL history ... Page tipped a pass which fell into the hands of Marshall who took off with it ... As he was being tackled, Marshall lateraled the ball to Page who then had an easy path to the end zone ...
Andrew Marshall (foreign Policy Strategist)
... Marshall (born 1921) is the director of the United States Department of Defense's Office of Net Assessment ... in 1973 by United States President Richard Nixon, Marshall has been re-appointed by every president that followed ...
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... Marshall Islands (also known as "Republic of the Marshall Islands"), an island nation in the Pacific Ocean In the United States of America Marshall, Alaska Marshall, Arkansas ...

More definitions of "marshall":

  • (noun): A law officer having duties similar to those of a sheriff in carrying out the judgments of a court of law.
    Synonyms: marshal
  • (noun): (in some countries) a military officer of highest rank.
    Synonyms: marshal

Famous quotes containing the word marshall:

    I acknowledge that the balance I have achieved between work and family roles comes at a cost, and every day I must weigh whether I live with that cost happily or guiltily, or whether some other lifestyle entails trade-offs I might accept more readily. It is always my choice: to change what I cannot tolerate, or tolerate what I cannot—or will not—change.
    —Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)

    The very presence of guilt, let alone its tenacity, implies imbalance: Something, we suspect, is getting more of our energy than warrants, at the expense of something else, we suspect, that deserves more of our energy than we’re giving.
    —Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)

    Slowly the night blooms, unfurling
    Flowers of darkness, covering
    The trellised sky, becoming
    A bouquet of blackness
    —Frank Marshall Davis (b. 1905)