What is mandarin?

  • (noun): Shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed; native to southeastern Asia.
    Synonyms: mandarin orange, mandarin orange tree, Citrus reticulata
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Amoy Dialect/Negative Particles/traditional
... Negative particle syntax is parallel to Mandarin about 70% of the time ... Here is a fairly complete description (parallel usage to Mandarin is bolded) 毋 - (is) not + noun (Mandarin 不) 伊毋是阮老母 She is not my mother ... 毋 - (does) not + verb/will not + verb (Mandarin 不) 伊毋來 He does not come./He will not come ...
Mandarin - Other
... Mandarin (comics), a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe Mandarin, Jacksonville, Florida, a 19th century community, since absorbed into the city limits of Jacksonville, United States Mandarin High ...
... Colloquial Singaporean Mandarin, also known as Singdarin (simplified Chinese 新加坡式华语 traditional Chinese 新加坡式華語 pinyin Xīnjiāpōshì Huáyǔ) is an interlanguage native to Singapore ... It is based on Mandarin but has a large amount of English in its vocabulary ... code-switch between Singdarin and Standard Mandarin ...
List Of Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils Characters - Murong Family
... Chinese 慕容復 simplified Chinese 慕容复 Mandarin Pinyin Mùróng Fù Jyutping Mou6-jung4 Fuk6), nicknamed "Southern Murong" (Chinese 南慕容 Mandarin ... Murong Bo (Chinese 慕容博 Mandarin Pinyin Mùróng Bó Jyutping Mou6-jung4 Bok3) is Murong Fu's father ... traditional Chinese 鄧百川 simplified Chinese 邓百川 Mandarin Pinyin Dèng Bǎichuān Jyutping Dang6 Baak3-cyun1) Gongye Gan (traditional Chinese 公冶幹 simplified Chinese 公冶干 Mandarin ...
List Of Ultraman Taro Monsters - Mandarin Flower
... Seijin than the one from Ultraman's time the Mandarin Flower was used for world domination by wiping out the human race ... Mandarin Flower was hidden in a soda vending machine and stung people that reached their hands in to get it, killing them quickly ... ZAT was quick to arrive on the scene and assaulted Mandarin Flower ...

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  • (noun): A somewhat flat reddish-orange loose-skinned citrus of China.
    Synonyms: mandarin orange
  • (noun): A member of an elite intellectual or cultural group.
  • (noun): A high public official of imperial China.
  • (noun): Any high government official or bureaucrat.