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Telemark Skiing - Technique
... Some Telemark skiers continue to ski with a single long pole or lurk held in both hands in traditional style ... The lurk should only contact the snow on the inside of the turn, though some find better balance results if the lurk contacts the snow on the outside of the turn ...
Up The Front - Plot
... Set during World War I, Lurk is transported from his role as a lowly servant in the household of Lord and Lady Twithampton (William Mervyn Linda Gray) to the Western Front ... Lurk is inspired to bravery, and upon receiving the German master plan for the entire war, which has through an unlikely series of events been tattooed onto ... performed by the Famous Buttercup Girls, Lurk is pursued around the Allied headquarters ...
Lurk - Entertainment
... punk rock group Lurker Films, a film company Lurk (Dungeons Dragons) Lurk, another name for a vampire in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off comic Fray Lurk, a character in the 1972 ...
Lurker - History
... contrast, many modern Internet communities advise newbies to lurk for some time to get a feel for the specific culture and etiquette of the community, lest they make an inappropriate or redundant comment, ask a ... This leads to the tongue-in-cheek command to "lurk more" ... The verb to "de-lurk" means to start contributing actively to a community after having been a lurker previously ...
Cable TV Hong Kong - Cable TV Awards - 1st Cable TV Awards
... by Wu Yung-hing) Lee Byung hoon - Dong Yi (51%) The City Hall Lurk Emergency Rooms 24 Hours IV 救命病棟24時4 Pretty Maid 大丫鬟 Best Actor (presented by Wu Yung-hing) Ji Jin-hee ...

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  • (verb): Lie in wait, lie in ambush, behave in a sneaky and secretive manner.
    Synonyms: skulk

Famous quotes containing the word lurk:

    Let onion atoms lurk within the bowl,
    And, scarce suspected, animate the whole.
    Sydney Smith (1771–1845)